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Презентація на тему:
Cinema and Theatre in our life

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Cinema and Theatre in our life

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Презентація по слайдам:

Слайд 1

Friday, the twenty-second of February Classwork Cinema and Theatre in our life

Слайд 2

What can we speak about looking at these pictures?

Слайд 3

Complete these Mind-Maps Cinema Theatre

Слайд 4

Expand on these Mind-Maps Cinema Theatre learning smth. new films travelling in time films leisure cast entertainment feelings plays music emotions Actors, actresses scenery stage audience marionettes

Слайд 5

What genres of films do you like best of all?

Слайд 6

2 3 4 1 5 6 7 8 9 Look at the fragments of these films

Слайд 7

Solve the crossword puzzle with the names of genres

Слайд 8

Have you filled in the same letters? H O R R O R C O M M E R C I A l D C U M E N T A Y F E A T U R E F I L M T H R I L L R C O M E D Y D R A M A N I A T E A T O O N E T E C T I V E

Слайд 9

There is a TV programme in many countries called Candied Camera. The authors create funny situations and film people’s reactions with a camera which those people can’t see.

Слайд 10

What can tell you that the film is good? The production company The producer The cast The advertisement The content of the film The genre The screen version of the favourite book

Слайд 11

What are positive and negative sides of watching films? Let’s divide these adjectives into two columns: which we like and which we don’t like. favourite, terrible, exciting, amazing, boring, funny, sad, relaxing, depressing, interesting, frightened, amusing, useful, horrible, good, romantic, unusual, kind, bad, violence, finding out new facts, dependence on TV, entertainment, waste of time, new emotions. Positive Negative

Слайд 12

Do you know how the theatres appeared?