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At the restaurant

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At the restaurant

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Презентація по слайдам:

Слайд 1

У ресторані. Меню.

Слайд 2

Tongue Twister Betty Botter made some butter. “But”, she said, “This butter’s bitter”. “So”, she said, “I’ll buy some butter, It will make the butter better!” So, Betty Botter bought some butter Just to make the butter better. “Alas”, she sighed. “This butter’s better - But it’s still a little bitter”.

Слайд 3

What is the weather like today?

Слайд 4

A Tasty Crossword   1.   2.   3. 4. 5.   6.   7.   8.   9.   10.

Слайд 5

A Tasty Crossword   1. g r a p e s   2. l e m o n   3. s a l a d 4. c h o c o l a t e 5. a p p l e   6. f r u i t   7. o r a n g e   8. b a n a n a   9. s a n d w i c h   10. t e a

Слайд 6

At the Restaurant. The Menu.

Слайд 7

Guess the word upso taestopo lemoeett eip adals ceiju lettuce foecfe

Слайд 8

Make up word combinations verb noun grill bake fry boil stew steam roast meat chicken bread sausage potatoes eggs cake pizza omelette vegetables

Слайд 9

English Table Manners

Слайд 10

Let’s Have a Rest Hands up! Hands down! Hands on hips! Sit down! Stand up! Hands to the sides – Bend left, bend right! One, two, three – hop! One, two, three – stop! Stand still.

Слайд 11

Vocabulary Starter / First Course Main Course Dessert Drink Waiter / Waitress

Слайд 12

Situation Steve is opening his new restaurant today. Last week he sent his menu to the printer. It has just come back and, unfortunately, it is full of mistakes. The printers have put some dishes in the wrong sections. Help Steve by writing the menu correctly.