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Слайд 1

ALFRED NOBEL Alfred Nobel was born in 1835 in Stockholm, Sweden.

Слайд 2

His father, Immanuel, was an inventor. After Alfred was born, his father went to Russia to work. He worked with the government and made machinery and explosives. Several years later Immanuel moved his family to Russia. Alfred and his two older brothers were interested in science and enjoyed watching their father in the laboratory.

Слайд 3

When Alfred was 17 years old, he traveled to the United States and several European countries to study.

Слайд 4

Alfred and his father experimented with nitroglycerin. Finally, in 1863, Alfred invented a way to make it more safe . Scientists everywhere praised his work. Nitroglycerin had many good uses.

Слайд 5

The Nobels continued to experiment to make nitroglycerin safer. Unfortunately, in September 1864. Alfred's brother, Emil, was killed in an explosion in their laboratory. After the accident, Immanuel had a stroke and was paralyzed. He died eight years later, on the same day Emil had died.

Слайд 6

Alfred Nobel wanted to make nitro-glycerin safe. He built a new laboratory and continued his work. In 1867, he discovered a new material to mix with the nitroglycerin. This material made the nitroglycerin safer and more effective. He called his new invention "dynamite“.

Слайд 7

Nobel built factories all over the world. He continued his experiments and developed new and more powerful explosives.

Слайд 8

He also became interested in weapons. He developed a new type of gunpowder as well as other materials. Nobel became very wealthy.

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