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Associations with Ukraine Carpathian Mountains Dnipro Beautiful women Painted Easter eggs Borscht Black Sea Fancywork Orange Revolution

Слайд 3

WHO ARE UKRAINIANS? hospitable nationalistic hard-working sociable polite friendly humorous talkative UKRAINIANS

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Слайд 5

SYMBOLS OF UKRAINE The Ukrainian Flag consists of two horizontal fields: blue and yellow. They seem to remind that there are two very important things for people: the peaceful blue sky and stands of yellow ripened wheat, as the symbol of well-fare of our nation. The national emblem of Ukraine is a gold trident on blue background. In ancient times it was the dynastic coat of arms of the Kyivan princes. It is derived from three spears of the sea god.

Слайд 6

The plant-symbol. The symbol of “Kalyna” is associated with re-birth, the Universe, the fiery trinity of the Sun, Moon and stars. It takes its name from the old name for the Sun-Kolo. The berries of the kalyna are red and they symbolize blood and immortality.

Слайд 7

Symbols of Ukraine Round loaf Wheat Stork Arrowwood

Слайд 8

Traditional Ukrainian clothes

Слайд 9

Traditional Ukrainian cuisine Curd or fruit dumplings Borscht Potato pancakes Pancakes Compote

Слайд 10

Ukrainian dances and music Kobza (Ukrainian traditional musical instrument resembling the guitar Hopak (Ukrainian folk dance) Trembita (Guzul pipe)

Слайд 11

Ukrainian holidays Christmas (7 January) Day of Women and Spring (8 March) Day of Victory (9 May) Easter Day of Independence (24 August) Constitution Day (28 June) New Year (1 January)

Слайд 12

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