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Слайд 1

Present simple: affirmative, negative, questions. Exercises. Use the present simple affirmative. I (go) shopping with my brother. We sometimes (use) a dictionary in class. My friends (study) Italian at their school. School (finish) at three o´clock. You (live) near me. He (like) rap music. She (do) her homework before dinner. We (play) tennis in school on Wednesday afternoon. I (watch) TV in the evening. My mother (teach) art. Write the sentences in negative. I study French. School finishes at two o´clock. 3. You copy from other students.

Слайд 2

4. We think English is easy. 5. My friends play volleyball. 6. I watch TV on Saturday morning. 7. She speaks Chinese. 8. The dog likes cats. 9. They listen to pop music. 10. I play with my hamster every day. Write the sentences and finish the short answers. 1. live / at / you / Do / school / ? No, 2. in / students / Do / the canteen / ? / eat Yes,

Слайд 3

3. to school / your brother / on Saturday / ? / Does / go No, 4. live / near / Do / your friends / you / ? Yes, 5. at / school/ finish / Does / three o´clock / ? No, Present simple. I (play) tennis after school. You (start) school at nine o´clock. We (have) lunch at school. They (watch) TV after dinner. She (not get up) at seven o´clock. We (go) to bed at nine o´clock. What time I (get) up? What she (do) after school? He (play) football. Susan (go) to the cinema.

Слайд 4

My mother (start) work at half past seven. What they (do) in the evening? How you (spell) that in English? Brian (get) up at eight o´clock. Where John and Martin (go ? Serena (not know) what to do. Wendy (not like) to do shopping. My grandfather (not live) in London. My sisters (walk) to school every day. My best friend _ (like) math. My brother and I (have) breakfast half past seven. My cousin (study) biology. We (go) to the cinema at the weekend. When Mary (start) school? Gill (not work) in a supermarket. Present simple. Ana (not watch) TV. Peter (not study) French. Javi (watch) TV. Antonio (play) computer games. Luis Miguel (not read) magazines.

Слайд 5

María (listen) to music? Beatriz (tidy) her room? My parents (read) the newspaper. When your brother (surf) the internet? Who you (play) football with? What your sister (do) on Saturday? Blanca (go) to a sleepover. Isabel (not phone) a friend. I (eat) a hamburger every weekend. My Mum (like) classical music. I (not eat) pizza. I (drink) water. Gonzalo (help) his friends with their homework. Carlos (make) people laugh. Alan (not like) talking to new people. Chris (do) the housework for her parents. I (want) to join Daniel´s fan club. Isabel and I (see) each other every week. Linda (wear) new clothes. Derek and Sam (wear) striped T-shirts.

Слайд 6

Present Simple. Uncle Joe (wear) glasses. Ducks (love) water. The sun (rise) in the east. The children (not go) to school by bus. Juanma (enjoy) singing. Jesus (not lend) me his bike. Monkeys (like) bananas. Pepi (not collect) stamps. The earth (go) around the sun. It often (snow) in winter. We (wash) our hands. We (eat) three meals a day. he (type) very fast? Lucía (work) at the court. Everyone (make) mistakes. Winter (not come) after spring. you (like) my new bike? she (walk) to school? Pedro (speak) English very well. My dog (bark) very loudly. Sara (read) in bed? babies (sleep) during the day?

Слайд 7

Eva (try) not to disturb. Eagles (fly) high in the sky. My sister (cook) all our meals.

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