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Електронна таблиця

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Електронна таблиця

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Слайд 1

«Цей світ чудовий, але не забути б мені повернутися» «Сучасні технології (гаджети) – актуальна проблема людства» «Modern technologies (gadgets) -  the actual problem of humanity »

Слайд 2

Gadget (gadget - gadget, gadget, device, trifle, gadget) - a small device designed to facilitate and improve human life

Слайд 3

{For me, this is a computer…}

Слайд 4

Exercise: Positive and Negative Objective: To find out students' perceptions of the positives and negatives of using a computer The participants are divided into two groups: the first group points to the positive effects of using computers; the second group is about the negative effects of using computers;

Слайд 5

{This world is beautiful, but don't forget to come back}

Слайд 6

1. If someone or something distracts from the computer, the person is very annoyed; 2. It's hard for a person to break away from work or play on their computer; 3. Getting home or waking up at first turns the computer on; Inability to schedule a work or game session to end (a little more, 5 minutes more); 4. Time spent at the computer causes the addict to postpone or ignore homework, work, study, meetings, arrangements; 5. Constant search for money for the purchase of games, equipment, payment for the Internet; these are dependencies

Слайд 7

"This world is wonderful, but don't forget to come back »

Слайд 8

1.missing classes through a computer game or virtual communication on the Internet; 2.sitting at the computer at night; 3.eating at your computer lack of hobbies other than computer games; 4.and virtual searches on the Internet favoring virtual communication; 5.total time spent on the computer and online exceeds the time spent doing homework, walking, talking with parents and peers, other hobbies; 6.the child has no idea what to do when the computer breaks down; 7.conflicts with parents and blackmailing them in response to a ban on spending time at the computer. The first signs of a child / teenager's addiction:

Слайд 9

"This world is wonderful, but don't forget to come back »

Слайд 10

Tips for preventing computer addiction 1.Establish a temporary law not to play before bedtime, after eating and until homework and chores have been completed; 2. To control the content of games, avoiding scenes of violence, cruelty, with elements of cult rituals and offenses; 3. It is more common to walk with friends, not to forget that real communication is more important and useful than virtual; 4. Limit computer time to 30 minutes, then change activity; In principle, do not eat at your computer; 5. Learn how to treat your computer properly: as a technical device through which you can acquire knowledge and skills, not as a means of gaining emotion.

Слайд 11

   Exercise "How would you do?"

Слайд 12

"This world is wonderful, but don't forget me Return!"

Слайд 13

The real danger is not that computers will start thinking like humans, and that people will start thinking like computers… Дякую за увагу! АЛПАТОВ ВЛАДИСЛАВ 101ПТБ

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