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Презентація на тему:
Your attitude to sports

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Your attitude to sports

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Слайд 4

Your attitude to sports Today we’ll : -talk about different kinds of sport; -revise some grammar; -do interesting exercises; -learn the new words.

Слайд 5

Why? to keep fit to be healthy to make friends to earn money to become strong to work off extra energy

Слайд 6

Sports Vocabulary

Слайд 7

sw...mming, tenni…, i f…tball, k…rate, a…robics, volle…ball, basketb…ll s a oo e y a

Слайд 8

Cycling, football, table tennis, aerobics, skiing, Karate, running, hockey, rugby, figure skating, swimming, baseball, ice-skating, boxing individual team games pair cycling aerobics skiing running figure skating swimming ice-skating football hockey rugby baseball table tennis karate figure skating boxing individual team games pair

Слайд 9

Where? in the gymnasium, gym in the park at the swimming pool in the sports club in the forest at the court at the sports ground at the stadium at the skating rink

Слайд 10

Match the sport with their location a. golf 1. rink b. boxing 2. pool с.tennis 3. stadium d. swimming 4. field e.football 5. court f.athletics 6. ring g. ice-skating 7. course

Слайд 11

play go do ball games, team sports - ing, individual sports other sports, martial arts or exercises I like to (play, go, do) My friend likes to (play,go,do)

Слайд 12

Complete the table with the sports below swimming football volleyball cycling climbing yoga skiing golf athletics basketball karate tennis ice skating table tennis skateboarding judo aerobics windsurfing cycling football volleyball tennis basketball golf table tennis swimming climbing skiing windsurfing skateboarding ice skating yoga karate athletics aerobics judo play go do

Слайд 13

Make up sentences 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. in park park John the goes skateboarding in John the goes skateboarding play you volleyball a on court play You volleyball a on court she yoga goes does swimming and She yoga goes does and swimming best very well plays football friend my best My friend football plays very well we Sundays cycling on go We go on cycling Sundays

Слайд 14

Role – play “Interview with David Beckham” You are the correspondent of the newspaper “Sports Fanatic”. Be ready to interview a famous football player. Ask when and where he was born. Ask about his height. Ask he is married. Ask if he has children. Ask about his hobby. Ask when he had his debut in Manchester United. Ask when he won the European Cup. Ask when he began to play for the national team. Ask when he became a captain of the national team. Ask when he joined Real Madrid.

Слайд 15

Make a poster Тhe plan of the commercial Useful phrases Unusual beginning Interesting facts about sport Add fine descriptions Write time, place, telephone. Are you interested in….? It’s the most interesting… Come and train… Join us… You’ll enjoy... Keep fit, to be healthy, to make new friends, to have a good time, to look beautiful If you want to change,tobe….

Слайд 16

Thank you for your activity!

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