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Austria is located in Central Europe. It is boarded by the Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Slovakia, Slovenia, Italy, Switzerland and Lichtenstein.

Слайд 3

The population of this country is 8,47 million people, which live in more than 72 cities and towns.

Слайд 4

One of such cities is Vienna – the capital of Austria.

Слайд 5

Vienna was founded in 500 BC.

Слайд 6

The “City of Music”

Слайд 7

The world famous Vienna’s Opera

Слайд 8

Vienna balls Vienna is the last great capital of the nineteenth-century ball. There are over 200 significant balls per year, some featuring as many as nine live orchestras.

Слайд 9

The Museumsquartier (MQ) is a 60,000 m² large area in the 7th district of the city of Vienna; it is the eighth largest cultural area in the world.

Слайд 10

The Hundertwasserhaus is an apartment house in Vienna,  built after the idea and concept of Austrian artist  Friedensreich Hundertwasser with architect Joseph Krawina as a co-author.

Слайд 11

Wiener Riesenrad (Riesenrad)

Слайд 12

Approximately 50 per cent of Vienna (about 200 square kilometres) are green areas. A large part of these green areas is for free public use.

Слайд 13

Everyone knows fomous Vienna’s coffee and chocolate.

Слайд 14

Danube in Vienna

Слайд 15

Seasons in Vienna

Слайд 16

Thank you for your attention! Mariya Kalashnyk Form 10-A School 18 Lviv - 2014

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