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Valley of Geysers

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Valley of Geysers

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Слайд 1

Valley of Geysers

Слайд 2

Valley of Geysers — geothermal reserve on the Kamchatka peninsula in a valley of the river Gejzernoj running into the Kronotsky gulf of Pacific ocean, a part of Kronotsky state biospheric reserve.

Слайд 3

Слайд 4

Since 1991 the Valley of geysers is opened for visitings by tourists. Last year in the Valley the landslip in volume about 5 million cubic meter has descended. It has blocked a river Gejzernoj channel. The formed lake has flooded a part of operating geysers. Two of three helicopter platforms, tourist tracks and constructions in the bottom part of the Valley have been destroyed. But, fortunately, the unique corner of the nature has escaped.

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Слайд 7

Lake Baikal

Слайд 8

The maximum depth of lake of 1637 m that does by its deepest lake of a planet. And even if to consider that the water smooth surface of lake is at height of 456 m above sea level this part of a hollow lies on 1181 meter below ocean level, being also the deepest continental hollow. Extent of Baikal — 636 km, width fluctuates from 25 to 80 km

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