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Презентація на тему:
"В готелі"

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"В готелі"

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Презентація по слайдам:

Слайд 1

I'm sure you have. The same with me. My dream came true in 1998.I want to share some pleasant emotions of staying in the USA with you. I hope my experience will help you understand once again the necessity of learning English and Business English ,of course. Have you ever dreamt of visiting some English-speaking countries?

Слайд 2

Lets start from the very beginning- check your knowledge of the essential vocabulary. So, translate into Ukrainian: To fly by plane The plane arrives A non stop flight To fasten seat belts Cabin luggage Passport control To go through the green channel Customs officer The purpose of your visit To check in the hotel To fill out a form A single\double room Bed and breakfast All modern conveniences

Слайд 3

How all this started… Everything started on June 19, 1998. We departed from Boryspil International Airport. It was not a non-stop flight. We flew from Kyiv to Vienna, from Vienna to New York, from New York to Washington. The longest trip was over the Atlantic Ocean. It took more than 8 hours and it was rather tiresome, though the service was great. We were given food twice and from time to time we could have some drinks. There were more than 12 music channels, built into our seats, and we could choose music to our tastes. There was a big screen in the middle and some films were shown during the flight. Films were broken a few times and we were shown some exercises to relax our bodies, information about the weather outside, the height of our flight, the countries we were passing by. We flew over Germany. ,Holland, England, Scotland, Ireland, Greenland, Canada. The countries below were so small, but so beautiful. Registration for the Austrian Airlines flight

Слайд 4

Check yourself! Have you understood everything correctly? Say which sentences are true and which are false! 1.The flight from Kyiv to Washington was a non stop one. 2. It was a little bit tiresome, because there was no necessary comfort. 3. The flight from Vienna to New York lasted more than 9 hours. 4.The countries below were small and charming. 5.The Pacific Ocean was below. 6.All the passengers listened to the music they liked. 7.If the passengers were hungry, they had to pay for their meals. 8.The plane took off in Boryspil International Airport.

Слайд 5

New York ...New York… When we arrived in New York it was early morning in Ukraine and we were so sleepy that it was hard to us to say a word or to make an extra movement. We had to go through our custom and passport control. The custom officer asked us one and the same question “What's the purpose of your visit?” We answered “Business. It’s a professional development seminar." The custom officers, the porters, all the clerks and many other workers in the airport were black and my first impression of the city was “a city of black people.” JFK International Airport in New York

Слайд 6

Check your understanding of the previous text. Finish the sentences: We arrived in New York … We had to pass…. It was difficult to do it because… The custom officer asked us about… The purpose of our visit was… Very many people in the airport were… I called the city… The group of Ukrainian teachers on the way back home in the Airport of Washington, 12th August, 1998.

Слайд 7

This is the hotel we stayed at… EMBASSY SUITES HOTEL

Слайд 8

Look at the map of Washington! Find Embassy Suits Hotel on it. Try to guess why it is called this way

Слайд 9

Staying at the hotel Embassy Suits is a 9- storied red-brick building which could be easily called a paradise for those on business and tourists. When you enter it, you get to the lobby( in the picture) with exotic trees and pot flowers, a waterfall, a breakfast area, an Italian restaurant, a swimming pool to the right. The glass roof gives you the idea, that you are in the open air and you can even hear the birds singing.

Слайд 10

The rooms or “suites” We had a double room for 3 of us. It was well-furnitured with 2 big beds, a sofa, a TV- set, a microwave oven, a bath, a telephone ,which could connect you with any part of the world! (11 years ago when we haven't heard of mobile phones and only very rich people had computers at home). The room-maids cleaned the rooms every day, changed towels and they always came when we were not in, not to interfere with us. They made our beds and could send our dirty clothes to the laundry if we put them into a special plastic bag.

Слайд 11

The story goes on… And this is a “terrible" glass lift, called “an elevator" by Americans. It is hanging over the lobby and many of our friends were afraid to use it. But for those brave, it was a pleasure as a beautiful view of the whole hotel was before your eyes. One more interesting thing to be learned about Americans! When the door of the elevator opens and one of them comes in, he immediately says ” Excuse me” because he thinks he breaks your quietness by coming into it! Oh, yes, they are really so polite!

Слайд 12

A few words about meals Like in all high-class hotels breakfast is included into the price of your staying. From 7o’clock in the morning you can come down to the breakfast area (in the picture) and eat as much as you can. The choice is wide. For having business parties and dinners there is a Ball room, a Wine room. There is a nice tradition called “A happy hour" there from 17 till 19 o’clock. All the visitors are given 2 free drinks. You can sit in the smokers’ area or in the non-smokers’ one, enjoy your drink and communication by the candlelight. The Italian restaurant ”Panevino” was at our disposal too. And it was as convenient as the other places mentioned above.

Слайд 13

Check your understanding of the previous texts: 1.What is terrible about the elevator in the hotel? 2. What characteristics of Americans do elevators help to understand? 3.What is especial about breakfasts at the hotel? 4.Will you describe the wonders of the lobby? 5.How do you imagine “The happy hour” at the hotel? 6.Whom would you call from the hotel suit? What would you tell them about? A group dinner in the Ball room with the representatives of the Ukrainian Diaspora.

Слайд 14

To cut a long story short… Have I persuaded you that learning Business English and English in general is your key to happy future? What was the most interesting episode for you? Would you like to visit the USA or Great Britain? Would you like to learn about Programs which can help you do it? When are you going to start working hard at your English? -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Start with you homework for the next lesson- Write a composition ”Why should I study English?

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