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Презентація на тему:
Travel to the Past Russia

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Travel to the Past Russia

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Слайд 1

Travel to the Past 15 century Russia

Слайд 2

Let's travel with us We are going to the past! We started out many years ago No one will ever know How far we've really come Since we waked away And no more words to say! We came back to the 15th Take our greetings. Guess our riddle About outstanding people.

Слайд 3

We'd like to introduce you one of the most outstanding politicians of Russian history of the 15th century. Why have we chosen this person? Here are some moments which concern his activity:

Слайд 4

Joining of Novgorod was one of the most important results of his activity. During the period of his ruling there was a famous “standing on Ugra “ that finished Russian's victory and the Igo was over. Two terrible facts such as political disconnection and the Mongol-Tatar Igo went into the past. On the East of Europe there was a new and strong government called Russia.

Слайд 5

Our riddles: This tsar united separated states into the one great state and its name was Rus. In 1840 he reached Ugra river and the famous standing on Ugra began. When he ruled, the Golden Orda stopped to exist.

Слайд 6

His favourite statement was: “Any man should listen to others and not to be angry when they say wise words even it is a sort of critics”.

Слайд 7

Ivan III

Слайд 8

Thanks for your attention!

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