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Слайд 2

Svetlana Yevchenko school of Drabovo-Prystantsiyna

Слайд 3

A great many people think they are thinking when they are merely reaeeanging their prejudices. William James

Слайд 4

Well-made test of English can help students to create positive tone toward mastering the language

Слайд 5

Diagnostic characteristics

Слайд 6

The best tests Combine various skills Show how well person can function in the language

Слайд 7

There are four generals kinds of vocabulary tests

Слайд 8

Limited response

Слайд 9

F A very simple verbal answers for example: Is this book thick? Yes , it is.(No, it is not) Do you read this book? Yes , I do.( No, I do not.)

Слайд 10

Multiple-choice completion

Слайд 11

The sentence with a missing word, for example: We can ….. sing modern songs. A) make b) play c) sing c) sings

Слайд 12

Multiple-choice paraphase, is a test in which a sentence with one word underlined is given. My mother has a little son. A) small b) smaller, c)big b) short

Слайд 13

Simple completion when the students write in the missing part of words that appear in sentence For example: He sleeps in his : a)Bathroom b) bedroom c) kitchen d) dining room

Слайд 14

Advantages of multiple-chois completion Helps students see the full meaning of words by providing natural contexts Scoring is easy and consistent It is a sensitive measure of achievement

Слайд 15

Limittation of multiple-choice completion Difficult to prepare good sentence contexts Easy for students to cheat by copying

Слайд 16

Vocabulary tests individual group

Слайд 17

Individual testing: Go to the…. Give me the… Open the… Close the… Hands up! Hands down! Please , give me the book.

Слайд 18

Group Testing: A good way is to draw We can use physical responses to test A good way is to give pictures

Слайд 19

Education is one of the few things a person is willing to pay for and not get

Слайд 20

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