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"Tender is the night"

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"Tender is the night"

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Слайд 1

Слайд 2

Most ambitious novel but a commercial failure the story of Dick Diver and his schizophrenic wife Nicole goes some way to show the pain that Fizgerald left.

Слайд 3

Characters  Dick Diver, a handsome American psychologist in his thirties, married to Nicole Diver- one of his mental patients. Rosemary Hoyt , a beautiful eighteen-year-old movie starlet, who falls in love in Dick.

Слайд 4

The plot and its conflict Dick Diver and his wife Nicole travel Europe in the early 1900s and enjoy the leave with dick’s and Nicole’s parents money. After several days of traveling europe as a group 1 of the friends Abe North decides to leave the country. Instead of leaving he witnesses a murder and blames it on a black man. After the description of the Europe trip there is a long flashback that explains the beginning of the relationship of the Divers. In the end of the story Nicole has an affair with one of their friends Tomy Barban and marries him. Eventually Dick continuous he's affair with rosemary but he notices that he doesn't love here anymore. Dick moves to America and the book ends suggestion that he never again settled in America and is still there.

Слайд 5

Style Many metaphors Many pictures Focus on characters of story Thourough characterizations of characters

Слайд 6

Themes  His own life greatly inspired Fitzgerald's writing. Most of his books and stories are in some way related to his own life and his characters are resembling persons he really knew. Fitzgerald was a drinker and did not really live happy life.The characters in his stories experience ic losses In his books he expresses the wish to find his identity and a happy life.

Слайд 7

Quotes "I fell in love on the beach," said Rosemary. "Who with?" "First with a whole lot of people who looked nice. Then with one man“ Often he used [good manners] and just as often he despised them because they were not a protest against how unpleasant selfishness was but against how unpleasant it looked.

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