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Слайд 1

Telescope Has prepared Karina Kostya

Слайд 2

The telescope, a device for observing distant objects, was first designed in 1608 by three inventors - Hans Lippersgeme, Zachary Jansen, and Jacob Mattius. Significantly improved by Galileo Galilei in 1609. Who invented the first telescope?

Слайд 3

Galileo was born 15 February, 1564 in Pisa in the family of a generous, but impoverished nobleman. Immediately after the end of the monastic school, he entered the medical faculty of the University of Pisa. In Pisa, Galileo Galileo graduated from the University, where his first scientific research took place, and then he at the age of 25 took the chair Galileo Galilei

Слайд 4

The first one who directed the optic tube into the sky, turning it into a telescope and receiving new scientific data, became Galileo. In 1609, he created his first three-fold increase in the visual tube. In the same year, he built a telescope with an eight-fold increase in length about half a meter. Later, they created a telescope that gave a 32-fold increase. Telescope

Слайд 5

The length of the telescope was about a meter, and the diameter of the lens was 4.5 cm. It was a very imperfect instrument that possessed all possible aberrations. He made it possible to make a whole series of great discoveries. Description of the telescope

Слайд 6

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