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Слайд 1

There are a lot of professions in the world.

Слайд 2

For example: A Doctor

Слайд 3

An Actor

Слайд 4

A Seller

Слайд 5

A policeman

Слайд 6

A Lawyer

Слайд 7

A Painter

Слайд 8

A Hairdresser

Слайд 9

and others…

Слайд 10

But I want to be a teacher.

Слайд 11

The profession of a teacher has some advantages: long holydays, dealing with different people….. rewarding work

Слайд 12

But also the profession has many faults: low salary, working with copybooks in weekends, problems with children, getting up early…..

Слайд 13

Teacher is the most important person in children`s life after parents.

Слайд 14

Teacher must have Determination tact patience initiative imagination And also he must be of pleasant appearance and must have a good speaking voice.

Слайд 15

A good teacher learns all the time from children, from life, from school.

Слайд 16

A great teacher is a great artist.

Слайд 17

Teaching is a real challenge to my character, abilities and talent.

Слайд 18

I hope, that I'll be a good teacher and that my pupils will love me and my subject.

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