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Презентація на тему:
The subjunctive mood

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The subjunctive mood

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Слайд 2

THE INDICATIVE MOOD (All actions are real) If + Present Simple, will + Infinitive Will + Infinitive if + Present Simple If we cut down this forest, many animals will die. Many…

Слайд 3

THE SUBJUNCTIVE MOOD – I (The actions are unreal and they reflect to Future and Present only) If + Past Simple, would + Infinitive Would + Infinitive if + Past Simple If the trees didn’t make oxygen, we wouldn’t (shouldn’t) be able to live. We… In “if clauses” of this type the verb to be has the form were. If I were you, I’d go and see the doctor.

Слайд 4

THE SUBJUNCTIVE MOOD – II (The actions, which could take place in the Past, but they hadn’t happened.) If + Past Perfect, would have +Past Participle   Would have +Past Participle if + Past Perfect   If I hadn’t forgotten to wind up the alarm clock, I wouldn’t (shouldn’t) have been late for school! I wouldn’t…

Слайд 5

MIXED TYPE OF THE SUBJUNCTIVE MOOD (The actions hadn’t happened and they reflect to the different tenses.) If + Past Simple, would + Present Perfect If I knew English, I wouldn’t (shouldn’t) have asked you to help me yesterday. If + Past Perfect, would + Infinitive If I had written the composition yesterday, I would (should) be free now. Should + Infinitive – Br.E.

Слайд 6

Make up the sentences: He is busy now and does not come to see us. If… The girl did not study well last year and received bad marks. If… He broke his bicycle and so he did not go to the country. If… He speaks English badly: he has no practice. If… I (to go) in the country if the weather (to be) fine tomorrow. If…

Слайд 7

I had a bad headache yesterday, that’s why I didn’t come to see you. If... The ship was sailing near the coast, that’s why it struck a rock. If… He was not in town; therefore he was not present at our meeting. If… She (to enter) the college if she (to pass) her exams. If… The pavement was so slippery that I fell and hurt my leg. If…

Слайд 8

The sea is rough, and we cannot sail to the island. If… If you (not to buy) coffee, we (to drink) tea. If… They made a Fire, and the frightened wolves ran away. If… It is late, and I have to go home. If… What a pity you don’t know it. I wish…

Слайд 9

If he (to ring) me up tomorrow, I (to know) the last news. If… I didn’t translate the article yesterday because I had no dictionary. If… We lost our way because the night was pitch-dark. If… They (to come) to us if they (to be) free. If… He was sorry not to have had enough money to buy a car. He wished…

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