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Слайд 1

“THE SEASONS. THE WEATHER.” Вчитель англійської мови СЗОШ№ 1 Анісімової Н. О.

Слайд 2

Spring is green Summer is bright Autumn is yellow Winter is white

Слайд 3

Now we’ll talk about the seasons and the weather 1. What is the weather like today? 2. How many months are there in the year? 3. Are there four seasons in the year? 4. Do you know winter months? What are they? 5. What season is it now? 6. Are there leaves in the trees? 7. When can you see the flowers? 8. Are there clouds in the sky? 9. What colour is the sky?

Слайд 4

I group: 1. Some people like… a) summer and autumn b) summer and spring 2. December, January and February are… a) summer b) autumn c) winter 3. The nights are…… in winter. a) short b) long c) cold 4. It is ….. when we get up in the morning. a) dark b) light c) warm 5. The grounds are … with snow. a) brown d) green c) white 6. Boys and girls like to… a) swim in the river d) lie in the sun c) skate and ski.

Слайд 5

II group 1. Winter is a … 2. The days are … 3. The fields are … 4. Sometimes it is … 5. People wear … 6. You can see a lot of III group Retell the text.

Слайд 6

Now the first group will try to make up as many sentences as you can. find I go to the park. When the weather is cold my friend lie in the sun. hot we goes to the river. warm children read books. bad my parents

Слайд 7

The second group: will choose the right sentences and write down them, please. 1. There are ten months in the year. 2. There are thirty days in February. 3. The winter months are December, January, February. 4. Christmas is in July. 5. The summer months are June, July, August. 6. School begins in September. 7. The nights are short in winter. 8. The days are long in summer. 9. The trees are green in winter.

Слайд 8

The third group will read the composition and find the mistakes. MY SUMMER HOLIDAYS. I like summer holidays very much. The days is long in summer, the nights are short. The schoolchildren does not go to school. They don’t do their homework. I like to play in summer. I like to play hopscotch and hide-and-seek. I sometimes goes to the country to my grandparents. I always help my grandmother and my grandfather in the garden. After the rain I likes to jump over the pools. My grandmother don’t scold me. She loves me and I loves my Granny too.

Слайд 9

You can see word-combinations, make up the sentences. hot snowy I When the weather is wet my friend good rainy

Слайд 10

Talk about the weather. Ask and answer about the weather in other cities. What is the weather like in ….? It is … . What is the temperature there? It is … … degrees above zero. Ankara rainy cold 20 Kharkiv sunny warm 27 Kyiv cloudy cool 23 Simferopol sunny hot 30 Zaporizhzhia windy cool 22 Lviv sunny warm 25 Donets’k cloudy warm 24

Слайд 11

Put the sentences into the right order. 1. What is the best time for apples? 2. The apples are ripe. 3. It was a lesson of Natural History at the small village school. 4. In autumn it often rains. 5. In summer it is hot and there are many flowers in the field.

Слайд 12

True or false. 1. It is a lesson at a large school. 2. The lesson is about spring. 3. There are four seasons in a year. 4. In autumn there are a lot of apples 5. The best time for apples is spring. 6. The best time for apples when farmer is not at home.

Слайд 13

Домашнє завдання I, II groups: Task 2 p. 130 (read and translate) III group: Task 2 p. 130(retell)

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