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Презентація на тему:
The race for the South Pole

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The race for the South Pole

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Слайд 1

Robert Falcon Scott The race for the South Pole

Слайд 2

On June 15 1910 the English ship “Terra Nova” left England went to the Antarctic. On a board of the ship was an English naval Officer Robert Falkon Scott. He had a dream. He wanted to be first the first on the South Pole.

Слайд 3

On 1 November 1912 Scott and his expedition started to go to the Pole.

Слайд 4

Scott had already been to the Antarctic and had prepared for everything.

Слайд 5

The weather was very bad: it was cold and windy.

Слайд 6

Слайд 7

He had planned the route and chosen strong brave men

Слайд 8

He had planned the route and chosen strong brave men

Слайд 9

He had thought of everything. But one thing worried Scott: another famous explorer Roald Amundsen from Norway, had also gone to the Antarctic

Слайд 10

Scott’s expedition remembered about Amundsen and didn’t want to lose the raсe

Слайд 11

Слайд 12

Слайд 13

Слайд 14

Very quickly Scott understood that he had made a lot of mistakes

Слайд 15

The sledges didn’t work. The ponies couldn’t walk in a deep snow and soon died. Scott hadn’t bought any dogs, and the men had to pull the sledges with their food and equipment

Слайд 16

Слайд 17

The team had never been to the Antarctic before, so they were not ready for all the difficulties

Слайд 18

Слайд 19

Слайд 20

Слайд 21

Finally on 12 January Scott and his men got to the South Pole. There they saw a Norwegian flag; Amundsen had got there two weeks before.

Слайд 22

In the last letter he wrote: “We knew that our expedition was dangerous. But we had been on the South Pole. And I ask for God's sake look after our relatives”

Слайд 23

The people in Scott’s expedition died on their way back to the camp. Winter killed them.

Слайд 24

They were not first at the South Pole. But they showed an example of courage, strength and love for their country in the hearts of people all over world.

Слайд 25

There is a simple wooden cross in the Antarctic. People put it there in the memory of the brave Englishmen.

Слайд 26

The inscription on the cross is To strive, to seek, to find and not to yield .

Слайд 27

Thank you for your work Good bye!

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