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Taiga Taiga - a huge, wild and hard traveled by the forest, which grows mainly coniferous trees. The word taiga means "dense forest".Taiga - the oldest and the most snow of the nature of Russia. Its width in the European part reaches 800 km, and in Western and Eastern Siberia - 2150 km.

Слайд 3

Most trees in the forest: Spruce, pine, larch, cedar, fir

Слайд 4

Spruce Spruce - high evergreen tree (up to 30 m) with a beautiful crown. He lives in an average of 250 - 300 years (sometimes up to 600). Spruce - frost resistance. Spruce is one of the the main characters new Year and Christmas.

Слайд 5

Pine Pine - evergreen, photophilous, large, rich gum tree. Pine different peeling bark and root system.

Слайд 6

Larch - the most common tree species in eastern Siberia. Height - up to 35 meters. It is very cold-resistant tree. Larch

Слайд 7

Cedar Cedar has a spreading crown and slender trunk with dark - gray cracked bark. Cedar - the only tree of the Siberian taiga, which fruits - nuts.

Слайд 8

Fir Fir needles are flat and thornless.Under the thick branches of fir damp and gloomy, small shrubs, flowers and herbs. Fir reaches a height of 30 meters.

Слайд 9

In the taiga live as large carnivores - brown bear, wolf, lynx,fox

Слайд 10

smaller predators - otter, marten, wolverine, sable, weasel, ermine.

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