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Слайд 1

Смирнова Светлана Николаевна

Слайд 2

Слайд 3

1. Tom’s hobby is tennis. Tom is…. 2. They are building a new bridge. A new bridge …. Air Travel is faster than any other kind of travel. Air Travel is the…. 4. If you are a student you can always get special reduced prices. Unless you are a student….. 5. There is a great danger in driving too fast. Driving ….

Слайд 4

1. it’s a pity that I don’t know him. I wish.. 5. My bedroom is above the sitting-room. My sitting-room.. 2. May we leave our bikes here? Are we …? 3. Jane asked: “Where is the ball?” Jane asked….. 4. It’s not necessary to pay if you are a student. You…

Слайд 5

1. You must keep these vegetables in the freezer. These vegetables… 2. She explained she had not got any money. She said, “I..” 3. I am not as pretty as my sister. My sister … 4. It’s a pity you haven’t seen the performance. You should… 5. I like coffee better than tea. I…..

Слайд 6

1. The students will have read the text by 4 o’clock. The text.. 2. But I could not accept his invitation. But I … 3. My friend said, “ I am having here a good time.” My friend told me… 4. If possible you should keep your car in a garage at night. If possible a car… 5. Always take the keys with you when you park your car. Don’t ….

Слайд 7

Слайд 8

What was Othello’s rank in the tragedy “Othello” by W. Shakespeare? A ) general B) captain C) lieutenant

Слайд 9

What is the real surname of the poet having a pen name “Homeless” in the novel “Master and Margaret” by M. Bulgakov? Berlioz B) Latunsky C) Ponyryov

Слайд 10

What is the name of the town where Neznaika lives in the book by N.Nosov? Flower town B) Sunny town C) Cucumber town

Слайд 11

One powerful monarch said “Europe can wait while the Russian Tsar ….” Finish the phrase. A) Is drinking vodka B) is having a rest C) is fishing

Слайд 12

Who does this phrase belong to? “Labour saves you from three evils: boredom, vice and hardship” A) Socratez B) Voltaire C) Lenin

Слайд 13

Which Egyptian god was depicted with the head of a dog? (jackal-headed) A) Anubis B) Osiris C) Amenhotep

Слайд 14

Which American actress played the main part in the film “Siberian Barber” by N. Mikhalkov? A) Jodie Foster B) Julia Ormond C) Charlize Theron

Слайд 15

Which composer and musician hadn’t been buried for some years after his death? Ludwig van Beethoven B) Johann Sebastian Bach C) Niccolò Paganini

Слайд 16

Who said “An archaeologist is the best husband a woman can have. The older she gets the more interested he is in her.” A) Mark Twain B) Agatha Christie C) Oscar Wild

Слайд 17

What inspired Ernest Hemingway to write the novel “For Whom the Bell Tolls “? A) Breaking off with his beloved woman B) Death of his best friend C) Civil war in Spain

Слайд 18

The apple of discord was thrown under to Olympic goddesses by: A) Artemis B) Themis C) Eris

Слайд 19

Which playing card is considered a curse of Scotland or the Scourge of Scotland? A) Queen of spades B) Jack of clubs C) Nine of diamonds

Слайд 20

The first academy was established in: A) Italy B) France C) England

Слайд 21

This metal is called “tirelessness”. The strings made of it are practically eternal. A) Steel B) beryllium C) lithium

Слайд 22

Trillion is million of milliards B) thousand of millions C) thousand of milliards

Слайд 23

Napoleon Bonaparte by the type of temperament was: A) phlegmatic B) sanguine C) choleric

Слайд 24

Which of these weapons is not a pistol? A) Beretta B) Valter C) Galil

Слайд 25

Sea water doesn’t contain this element: A) silicon B) silver C) sulfur

Слайд 26

The human skeleton has got this amount of bones: A) 218 B) 128 C) 281

Слайд 27

The name of this element “ruthenium” comes from the word “Ruthenia”. What does it mean? poison B) Latin name of Russia C) its discoverer’s name

Слайд 28

Drink Steal Lie Cut Lose Forget Give Take Break Spend Learn Build Keep Forgive Sell Bring Send Throw Teach Wear

Слайд 29

Слайд 30

Structure giving shape and support Baby carriage

Слайд 31

The back of the foot Remove the skin of the fruit and vegetables

Слайд 32

The middle of the target

Слайд 33

Fighting between two people

Слайд 34


Слайд 35

There have been some …..improvements in the comfort of air travel over the last decade.

Слайд 36

The lone wolf …. at the full moon.

Слайд 37

Express pleasure at someone’s achievements

Слайд 38

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Слайд 39

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