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"Street Art"

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"Street Art"

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Слайд 1

Street Art Art of the Street

Слайд 2

Graffiti Often referred to as nothing more than petty vandalism, graffiti and street art are commonly looked down upon. However, they are perhaps the most powerful style of art in the world.

Слайд 3

Most art is made to last for a very long time. It can be chiseled in stone or oil on a canvas. Street art, on the other hand, lasts only as long as the Man lets it. Even the greatest piece of graffiti will only last so long. In addition, the artists risk prison time just to get their art seen.

Слайд 4

Thus, every street artist puts more into their work than any other kind of artist. They work fast to send a message and show their art to the public. Often, the theme of the art is antiestablishment, but it can also have other meanings, such as criticism of public figures or racial pride. Some artists (such as Banksy) prefer to take more comical approaches towards their art. Still, others will put up pieces purely for the sake of art.

Слайд 5

Below the artists are the taggers. Taggers generally limit their work to throwing up their tag name (the name they are known by in the graffiti realm). While not as aesthetically demanding, tagging still gathers respect and requires time and dedication to develop a skillful hand. Many street artists begin as taggers, and slowly develop into something more.

Слайд 6

Unlike traditional artists, most graffiti and street artists’ preferred medium is aerosol-based paint, or spray paint, because it can paint on many surfaces, and is portable and quick to use. However, there are other mediums that are used as well, including bucket paint, and plastered stencils. Most taggers use markers, or put their tag on stickers and place them on walls and windows. Spray paint tags are fairly common.

Слайд 7

However, the Bronze 5-0 is always on the prowl. As graffiti is illegal, the Man hunts graffiti artists and throws them in the slammer. Because of this, graffiti is often made in a rush of adrenaline. This gives it a feeling found in no other art.

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