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Approximately 130 kilometers from London there is a very strange place - a bunch of huge stones, neatly arranged in a circle

Слайд 3

Ancient Observatory, places of worship of Druids, a landing pad for aliens and even a portal to another dimension - it's Stonehenge.

Слайд 4

United Kingdom, Wiltshire, 13 miles from the town of Salisbury. At Stonehenge, there are 82 five-ton megalith, 30 blocks of stone of 25 tons each, and 5 giant trilitov whose weight is 50 tons.

Слайд 5

Around 2600 BC, wooden buildings were torn down, and instead appeared majestic stone buildings. At the final stage of construction were established around 1930 trilitov, inside the circle is set horseshoe of five freestanding trilitov.

Слайд 6

According to scientists the creators of this facility knew the exact orbital period of the moon and the duration of the solar year.

Слайд 7

In 1615 the architect Inigo Jones said that the Romans built a stone monoliths - supposedly it was a temple of a pagan god named Knelus.

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