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Social security

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Social security

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SOCIAL SECURITY - State system for ensuring the maintenance and disabled population. The term "social security" in various countries have unequal interpretation.

Слайд 3

For example in the U.S.A. the term refers to old age pensions

Слайд 4

in Britain, he covers all cash benefits plus health care costs

Слайд 5

But in all countries the social security system is central to the mechanism of social protection which includes also non-state forms of social insurance private philanthropy etc.

Слайд 6

Public welfare in Russia - the system of financial security of Russian citizens in old age, sickness, support for needy families, etc.

Слайд 7

The main types of social welfare has traditionally been a pension (old age, survivor, etc.); benefits (for temporary disability, maternity, child-poor families, etc.); social services (content in nursing homes and the disabled, disabled employment, etc.).

Слайд 8

At the same time, the modern Russian social security system differs significantly from the previous system, based on the general assurances. The main directions of the new system of social security are: building a social support system (programs to help citizens who find themselves in a difficult social situation due to the inability to have an income above the subsistence level or the national poverty line)

Слайд 9

targeted social assistance (implementation of social protection people in difficult social situations and are not eligible for social insurance funds); provision of minimum social guarantees to all citizens of the country (the state guarantees for certain types of social services and minimum social benefits regardless of the degree of participation in productive activities), development of social sector (industries and reforming the institutions of social needs - education, health and social services), 5a new mechanism of financial support for the social sector (expanding the sources of funding and improving the efficiency of their use), etc.

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