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Gifts of Gab Published: August 19, 2007 Most popular female names: Maggie, Molly, Daisy, Bailey and Abby. Males: Buddy, Jake, Max, Hunter and Cody. Both sexes, raining both cats and dogs, but probably mainly cats: Tiger. What ever happened to Spot and Rover and Kitty? They went the way of yesterday’s kids named Jack and Jill.

Слайд 4

Campuspeak Published: September 30, 2007 Ah-ite! “Would you do this for me?” - “Ah-ite.” The meaning is “O.K.” The sound is an amalgam of all and right, which used to sound like “aw-rite” but now is compressed into a sliding “a’ight,” as the teen-slanguist Fred Lynch transcribes it

Слайд 5

Campuspeak Published: September 30, 2007 humongous huge and monstrous and/or tremendous She lives in a humongous house on the hill ginormous gigantic + enormous

Слайд 6

Campuspeak Published: September 30, 2007 chillax The new slang blend submitted by members of Professor Eble’s English 314 class only a few months ago is chillax, from the adjective chill, “easygoing,” and the verb relax, the combo meaning “do nothing in particular,” an activity widely practiced in centers of learning throughout the nation.

Слайд 7

Campuspeak Published: September 30, 2007 Butterface “Great body, but her face. . . .”

Слайд 8

Campuspeak Published: September 30, 2007 blockamore nose wide open thigh five sketchy Those middle-aged men are so sketchy. They creep me out. all up in your grill

Слайд 9

Schlep September 16, 2007 He’s such a shlep!

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