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Sweet Sausage

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Sweet Sausage

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Слайд 1

Sweet Sausage

Слайд 2

Ingredients plain biscuits: 300-400 g butter: 200 g sugar: 1 glass cacao powder: 3 full table spoons (40g) walnuts: 1 glass (100 g) milk or cream (10%): 5 table spoons

Слайд 3

Preparation 1 Break half or one third of the biscuits into powder in a food processor and put in a bowl Break the rest of the biscuits into small pieces Break the walnuts into big pieces Mix the biscuits and the nuts

Слайд 4

Preparation 2 Mix the cacao powder and the sugar Add the milk or cream to the cacao mixture, mix well Slowly bring the cacao and milk mixture to the boil on low fire, stirring continuously

Слайд 5

Preparation 3 Remove the saucepan from the hob and leave to be cooled down Add the butter, broken into cubes beforehand Thoroughly mix the chocolate paste

Слайд 6

Preparation 4 Add earlier mixed biscuits and nuts into the chocolate paste (to avoid the final mixture to get too concentrated, add biscuits in small portions) Mix everything, adding the biscuits until it becomes a viscid chocolate paste

Слайд 7

Preparation 5 Lay a piece of cling film or foil greased with butter, or baking paper, pour out one part of the chocolate paste on the prepared sheet, lay it evenly Form a sausage like shape, wrapping the chocolate mince thoroughly with the foil Put the sausages in the fridge or freezer until they are set Enjoy!

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