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School is the main social environment for young people. At school we make out best friends.

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School is not only place of formal education. It is place where students can develop their skills in social relationships, and increase their tolerance and mutual respect for each other.

Слайд 4

Primary education take place in infant and junior schools. Children go to school at the age of 5. Compulsory secondary education last five years. At the age of 16 they may either leave school or continue their education in the sixth form. Pupils who stay on into the 6th form, prepare for their “A Level Exams” Schooling in Great Britain

Слайд 5

In Ukraine schooling begins at the age of 6. Ukrainian education system is organized into four levels: primary school includes 1 - 4 classes; secondary education 5 – 11;post secondary education is provided studying in universities and institutes; higher gives different qualifications: Bachelor’s, specialist and Master’s Degree. Schooling in Ukraine

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