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School Subjects and Facilities

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School Subjects and Facilities

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New Vocabulary Facilities means rooms, things or buildings which are used with a particular purpose.

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Слайд 6

Is there a chemistry laboratory in our school? Are there many schemes on the walls there? Where is the workshop in our school? What do pupils usually do in the gymnasium? Do you have lunch in your school canteen? What activities usually take place in the assembly hall? Is your biology lab well-equipped? Are there all necessary facilities for study in your school? Do you always satisfy your parents with your marks? How can you satisfy your teachers at the lesson?

Слайд 7

Kate`s school is well-equipped with all __________. The________is on the ground floor. Pupils have their PT lessons there. There is an assembly hall on the ____________. Pupils ___________ concerts and perform plays there. The food is tasty in their school ____________. Pupils have Handicraft lessons in the ______________. It is situated on the ____________. Chemistry and physics ________are on the first floor. There are many ____________ and tables on the walls.

Слайд 8

Situation: One of you is moving to a new house and has to change the school and another tries to persuade him that his school is the best in the neighbourhood. Make a conversation.

Слайд 9

Стверджувальна форма S + have/has + been + Ving Питальна форма Have/Has + S + been + Ving? Заперечна форма S + have/has not + been + Ving

Слайд 10

Pupils have been writing/have written a composition for half an hour already. How long have you been cooking/have you cooked dinner now? Jane has been living/was living in this flat since 1998. Who has been watching/watched a competition in the gym all morning? Where were you/have you been choosing the dress for a party for two hours?

Слайд 11

We have been playing volleyball in the gym the whole lesson. (where?) Children have been decorating the assembly hall since morning. (what?) Members of the drama club were arranging a performance the whole month. (who?) They have been watching slides for half an hour. (how long?) Ann has been packing her things all morning. (what?)

Слайд 12

Homework Learn new words Describe three rooms in your school in writing using the helpful expressions in the exercise 5, page 62.

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