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Презентація на тему:
School life

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School life

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Слайд 1


Слайд 2

Sisters and brothers And cousins and mothers Cousins and mothers And sisters and brothers

Слайд 3

If you want to buy, buy, if you don’t want to buy, bye bye.

Слайд 4

I am plying football for my school team. Where am I? In the hall In the science lab On the sports field

Слайд 5

I’m eating my lunch. Where am I? In the library In the canteen In the computer room

Слайд 6

I am listening to my teacher. Where am I? In the canteen In the classroom In the playground

Слайд 7

Match a d Geography History English f j c Maths PE Science Music Art b e g

Слайд 8

What subject do children like? 1. I like learning languages. – English. 2. Hatice is good at experiments. - 3. Mark is making a cool website. - 4. We like to learn about the past. - 5. This is the beautiful picture. - 6. Jamie and Pete are great at football. - 7. Holly loves numbers. - 8. I can play the guitar. -

Слайд 9

History How many lessons have you got on Mondays/ Tuesdays?

Слайд 10

Maths When have you got Maths? History? Geography? Art? Sport? I have got Maths on Mondays.

Слайд 11

Art What is your favourite subject? My favourite subject is……. Why do you like it? Because it’s fun/ interesting/ amazing/ cool………..

Слайд 12

Geography I am good at Geography but I am bad at Science.

Слайд 13

Mr Mills, the English teacher, is late for class. What are the students doing?

Слайд 14

Alice isn’t writing in her notebook. She’s writing on the blackboard. Beth (come)… into the classroom. She (go)… out of the classroom. Cathy (read)… her English. She (read)… a comic. Debbie and Martin (sit)… quietly. They (talk)…. Tim and Gina (study)…They (listen)... to music.

Слайд 15

What are the children doing? 1. Jack is reading.

Слайд 16

I make mistake so I can learn. I learn so I can succeed. I succeed so I can help others. [sək’si:d]

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