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Rock style

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Rock style

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Слайд 1

Rock style Frolenkova Masha

Слайд 2

Hard rock: -print: crosses, skulls, wolves, Group logo; -clothing: leather pants, jackets, T-shirts with prints space, torn jeans; -shoes: Cossacks, army boots, Martins, Grinders, Camelot, sneakers lifestyle, sneakers; -accessories: backpacks, belts, bracelets, tattoos, hats;

Слайд 3

Glam rock: -prints: crosses, dragons, skulls, bats, panthers, roses, hearts, guitars, leopard; -clothes: jeans jackets, leggings, mini shorts, dresses with lace; -shoes: massive shoes, boots, shoes, wedges and heels, sandals, sneakers, Cossacks; -accessories: bags, clutches, sunglasses, hats, scarves dark colors, massive chain; -hairstyle: loose hair, ponytail, high bouffant;

Слайд 4

Rokabilly: -prints: peas, stripe, floral, geometric; -clothes: tight dresses, dresses with full skirt, skirts sun-flared, lush Petticoat; -shoes: shoes and sandals with heels; -accessories: bracelets and earrings in bright colors, beads, stockings, thongs; -hairstyle: carefully laid hairstyle;

Слайд 5

Punk rock: - prints: photos of musical artists, hutch; -clothing: shirt and tie, formal trousers and sneakers, mini-skirt and fishnet tights, cocktail dresses with prints brutal; - Shoes: sneakers, boots; -accessories: Bandanas, plenty of earrings, wristbands, Baubles, piercings; - hairstyle: high fleece, iroquois, thorns. Hair can be dyed in bright colors: pink, green, red and so on; -makeup: defiantly bright or lack thereof.

Слайд 6

Indie rock: -clothing: T-shirts, tops, jeans and skinny pants, plaid shirts, vests, cardigans, coats, A-Line, dresses, shorts; -shoes: sneakers, tennis shoes, loafers; -accessories: hats, caps, roomy textile bags, sunglasses and glasses without diopters, old cameras; -hairstyle: loose, slightly disheveled hair, sloppy bun;

Слайд 7

Top Ten symbols rock group: Rolling stones Him Him Bad Religion Biohazard The Prodigy The Prodigy Exploite The Exploied Skrewdriver Queens of the stone age

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