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Respublic of Kalmykia

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Respublic of Kalmykia

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Слайд 1

Respublic of Kalmykia {

Слайд 2

Map Area - 74,731 sq km? Population - 284 000 Population density - 3.8 pers. / Km²? The administrative center - the city of Elista? District - South? Economic Region - Volga? Official language - Russian, Kalmyk? -Date Education - November 4 1920

Слайд 3

Flag Coat of arms of the Republic Kalmykia Kalmykia

Слайд 4

History of Kalmykia Kalmyk or Western Mongols (Oirat) - immigrants began to settle their Dzhungaria space between the Don and Volga, starting with the 50-ies XVII century and founded the Kalmyk Khanate. The Kalmyk Khanate has made during the reign of Ayuka - Khan (years pravleniya1669 - 1724). In 1697 Peter I, go abroad, instructed Ayuke - Khan guard the southern Russian border.

Слайд 5

Elista - the capital of Kalmykia

Слайд 6

National Costume

Слайд 7

traditions Kalmyks Tsagaan -one of the most beloved national holidays. Since ancient times, the Kalmyks revered as the Spring Festival, the awakening of nature. Zul holiday begins early in the first month of winter, so the month is called Zul Sar.

Слайд 8

national dishes Kalmyks have long been prepared and eaten flour dishes, but they did not differ in such diversity as an agricultural people. As for drinks, the most common was the Kalmyk tea. He was in the full sense of the word everyday food for the majority of the population. It was used before meals and after meals. Preserving traditions respected member of the family, the guest of honor or just a casual traveler who came primarily served tea.

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