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What is print advertising? Print advertising is a form of advertising, which is made on a special printed products and is aimed, first of all, on visual perception. Printing or polygraph advertising the most widespread form of advertising all over the world.

Слайд 3

Types of print advertising

Слайд 4

Print advertising rules Advertisements in the press, as a rule, are laconic and short In print advertising illustration application is very effective It is very important to focus attention to all possible communication facilities with the advertiser

Слайд 5

Advantages of a print advertising

Слайд 6

Advertising in magazines For a long time advertisers understand how to act on the consumers through print products. They knew how to engage the viewer.

Слайд 7

Creative business cards There are both successful and absolutely ridiculous examples of creative business cards

Слайд 8

Creative advertising posters in magazines Examples of creative advertising posters in magazines:

Слайд 9

Thank you for attention!

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