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Презентація на тему:
Prickly farm

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Prickly farm

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Презентація по слайдам:

Слайд 1

Prickly farm Бекман А. А.

Слайд 2

to milk a cow to feed and wash a horse

Слайд 3

to ride a donkey an ostrich and its chicks

Слайд 4

A hedgehog village To ride on a tractor

Слайд 5

to watch sheep to feed a goat

Слайд 6

Visit Prickly Farm and … feed and wash a horse help to milk a cow watch ostriches and their chicks ride a donkey walk in a hedgehog village help in a hedgehog hospital ride on a farm tractor buy “Hedgehoggy souvenirs” eat at the “Hoggy Café” Rules list Invitation Lost things list What this text is about? It’s …

Слайд 7

Say what Max and Jane can do at Prickly Farm: -s IfMax If Jane visit Prickly Farm feedhorses, goats and sheep learn how to take care of the animals go to the hospital feed the hedgehogs he she can see different animals can helpthe farm owners can teach his sister how to do it can help to look after the animals can watch them in their garden

Слайд 8

Ask and answer questions about Mike and Jane: What can Max do if he visits Prickly Farm? He can see different animals.

Слайд 9

Say what your friend should do if he or she goes to Africa on a safari: If you go on a safari, you should take water. plan your route get a guide book write a poem get a camera get a sketch book have injections put on a hat take a TV set watch wildlife get out of a big animal’s way take a compass take photos feed lions chase zebras and giraffes

Слайд 10

Sources: УМК “New Millennium English-6”: http://www.newmillenniumenglish.ru/index.php?sid=e3cd252d8779570b21e1f0c31553725d&part=3&id=20 Сервис Google-images: http://www.google.ru/imghp?hl=ru&tab=wi

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