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Слайд 1

Recipe Pineapple - Banana Pancakes ProPowerPoint.Ru

Слайд 2

You need Some soy or almond milk, whole grain flour, baking powder, salt, a little canola oil, bananas for mashing and pineapple rings. ProPowerPoint.Ru

Слайд 3

First up, mash the bananas. They don’t need to be completely mashed because we are going to throw them in the food processor. ProPowerPoint.Ru

Слайд 4

Next, combine them with a little bit of the almond milk and blend, blend, blend. Pureeing them with the milk made the batter silky smooth. ProPowerPoint.Ru

Слайд 5

Mix the bananas and milk with the dry ingredients. I use whole wheat. Because of this, I only needed a little less than two cups of milk. ProPowerPoint.Ru

Слайд 6

Once the batter is mixed, heat a skillet or griddle over medium-low heat. Add a little canola oil then throw the pineapple rings on to caramelize them. Once one side is golden - flip it over. ProPowerPoint.Ru

Слайд 7

Pour a bit of batter right in the center and just slightly over the outer rings of the pineapple. Let cook until bubbles form and the batter is almost set. ProPowerPoint.Ru

Слайд 8

Then flip it! ProPowerPoint.Ru

Слайд 9

Make the pancakes and pour their honey. ProPowerPoint.Ru

Слайд 10

Bon appetit ! ProPowerPoint.Ru

Слайд 11

Thanks for your attention! Completed Victoria Vasylyshyna ProPowerPoint.Ru

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