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How to write a letter

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How to write a letter

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Слайд 1

How to write a letter You want to find a pen pal. A reply letter to a pen pal. An official letter.

Слайд 2

YOUR ADDRESS DATE GREETING BODY SIGNATURE Steps Steps Steps Steps Steps Steps of writing any letter

Слайд 3

ADDRESS Apt.76, 55 Pushkin Street, Kokino, Russia

Слайд 4

DATE 5th March, 2009

Слайд 5

You want to find a pen friend So you write to the unknown person

Слайд 6

GREETING Dear friend,

Слайд 7

BODY Paragraph 1 Say hello Information about yourself (age, height, hair and hobbies, etc)

Слайд 8

BODY Paragraph 2 Give information about your family (parents, brothers and sisters, pets and your flat, etc.)

Слайд 9

BODY Paragraph 3 Give information about your school (name of school, your favourite sports, best subject, your ambition, etc.)

Слайд 10

BODY Paragraph 4 Close your letter with ending sentences: Please, write me soon. I hope to hear from you soon.

Слайд 11

SIGNATURE Best wishes, Write your name clearly: Your friend, Sasha.

Слайд 12

HOW TO ADDRESS AN ENVELOPE Return address: Alexander Krylov 55 Pushkin Street, Apt. 76 Kokino, Bryansk Region, Russia 243365 Address of the person you are writing to Laura Brown 40 Cambridge Street, Apt. 25 Fairfield, North Carolina 12397 USA

Слайд 13

You have received a letter from your pan pal. You know each other for some time, you know about his family, school, hobbies, pets and so on. He wrote you about some facts in his life and asked some questions about yours. So you are to write a reply letter. …My best friend had a birthday last weekend. We went on a picnic. There were lots of people and it was great. And when is your birthday? How do you usually celebrate it? What present would you like to get for your next birthday? ……. Example

Слайд 14

I have just received your letter today. ………. Thank you so much for your letter of April the 4th. ……….. It was very interesting to read… ……….. I was glad to hear that you… ……….

Слайд 15

Official letter Mr.J.Smith Smith & Sons 14 The Mews London W8 9EG 18 Bland field Road London SW 10 8RP April 15, 2009 Opening and closing greetings Subject: ……… Dear Mr. Smith, Dear Sir or Madam To Whom It May Concern, I look forward to… I am looking forward to… Yours sincerely, Yours faithfully, Mary Miller

Слайд 16

Official letter Reason for writing Subject: ……… Dear Mr. Smith, I am writing in reference to….. I am writing to inform you….. Further to our telephone conversation…..

Слайд 17

Official letter Requesting something Could you please…? I would appreciate it if you could…. I would be grateful if you could…. Please send me…..at your earliest convenience ( as soon as possible).

Слайд 18

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