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How can you burn calories?

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How can you burn calories?

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Слайд 1

How can you burn calories? physical activity a balanced diet healthy lifestyle

Слайд 2

Mach the verbs and the nouns to have to lose to burn to do weight exercises calories convenience food

Слайд 3

How can you burn calories? do exercises every day eat fruit and vegetables keep balanced diet don’t eat after 7 p.m. If I do exercises every day, I will burn calories.

Слайд 4

What physical activity do you do ? do morning exercises swim in the pool go to the sport club snowboard skate ski every day once a week on Sundays in winter

Слайд 5

What should a person eat? Give examples of a balanced diet more less fruit vegetables meat fish porridge bread sweets cakes sandwiches butter sugar

Слайд 6

Do you like convenience food from the shop? pizza sausage pelmenis pancakes salads Is it healthy?

Слайд 7

Do you like fast food restaurants? fast (healthy) food big (small) portions delicious (disgusting) food quick (bad) service huge sandwiches Yes, I like because… No, I don’t like because…

Слайд 8

conference a doctor Bernard Foam a fitness coach John Small a government advisor Debora Bulmer What is the main idea of the conference? ?

Слайд 9

agree / disagree with Excess weight can lead to health problems A balanced diet is a very important thing Do you agree with the statement?

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