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"Mykola Pyrohov"

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"Mykola Pyrohov"

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Слайд 1

Mykola Pyrohov (1810-1881) Yaroslav Nadvornyj 11-B

Слайд 2

Family and early years Mkola Ivanovich Pirogov was born on 13/25 November 1810 in Moscow, the son of a military officer. His father Ivan served as treasurer of the Moscow refreshment depot with the rank of Major. Secondary education Mykola got home first, and then in a private hostel. At fourteen he entered the Moscow State University for medical school.

Слайд 3

Early successes At age 26 Pirogov was promoted to professor and head of the surgical clinic in Derpt University. Five years Pirogov was invited to Petersburg Medical-Surgical Academy, where he stayed for almost 15 years until his retirement. Here he created the first in the anatomical institute.

Слайд 4

Greatest achievements Much of the credit Pirogov to the country and, above all, to the Russian army. Pirogov was a member of four wars. His experience Pirogov outlined four classical literature on military surgery, which also formed the basis of all modern medical aid to the wounded on the battlefield.

Слайд 5

Contributed to scientific understanding Mykola Ivanovich Pirogov rightly considered the "father of Russian surgery", the founder of field surgery. Pirogov world's first used ether anesthesia in war. October 16, 1846 - was first carried out extensive surgery under full ether anesthesia.

Слайд 6

Helped people Pirogov world's first organized and used women's care for the wounded in the fighting. He’s first organized and founded the "Sisters of the Holy Cross community care for the wounded and sick.“ Pirogov as the world's first proposed, organized and applied his famous - sort of wounded, which later grew all medical evacuation of the wounded.

Слайд 7

Mykola Pirogov Died 23 November 1881 The main significance of the Pirogov is that their selfless work and mostly disinterested surgery, he turned to science, arming physicians scientifically sound methodology surgery.

Слайд 8

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