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My travelogue

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My travelogue

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Слайд 1

Name: Hudobina Lisa Gender: girl Age: 11 Country: Russia

Слайд 2

Traveller profile Hi! Welcome to my travelogue. I`ve just got home after a one week holiday in the Kerch. It was really great. I want to remember everything and tell my friends all about it.

Слайд 3

Day 1 We have arrived to Kerch by the bus. We have gone at once to bathe. Then were on excavation. Also have found many crocks!

Слайд 4

Day 2 In the second day we again have gone on excavation, but to other place. There too it was interesting. My sisters sketched landscapes of the destroyed palace.

Слайд 5

Day 3 In the third day we have completely devoted to landscapes of Kercha. Also have risen on Mitridat. Have passed a heap of steps, but have risen! On a photo my father.

Слайд 6

Day 4 The third day have devoted to the nature. To which nature isn't present more perfectly than in Kerch. We photographed almost each bush.

Слайд 7

All other days we had a rest on a beach. Or walked around the city

Слайд 8

Thanks for attention!

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