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Презентація на тему:
"Modern Technologys"

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"Modern Technologys"

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Слайд 1

Modern Technologys

Слайд 2

What is technology? set of methods, tools ability to live easier Empowerment occasion to express themselves

Слайд 3

How many of you are using the Social Web?

Слайд 4

What is Web 2.0? LinkedIn Facebook Twitter Vkontakte Mail.ru

Слайд 5

Social Media and Employee Engagement Blogs and corporate social media pages are most effective Excellent form of communication in some cases BETTER than email Create more active employee participation and greater satisfaction Current employees can be our best marketing/advertising tool.

Слайд 6

Benefits of Recruiting Through Social Media Attracts passive and other top quality candidates. Builds a more personal relationship. Improves corporate branding. Improves the candidate experience. Human contact element. Increases traffic to the corporate website. Reduces recruiting costs.

Слайд 7

Do you Remember?

Слайд 8

Mobile is not just a phone. There’re text, email, video and web technology.

Слайд 9

Why mobile? Freedom Anywhere / anytime access Mobile web is on nearly everything. Mobile phone usage outnumbers PC usage Mobile access greater than PC access

Слайд 10

Mobile Recruiting Voice Text - SMS Web – corporate career site / blogs Search – Autosearch / Profiler/ Indeed Social networking – LinkedIn, Facebook, Apps! Proximity marketing Mobile email Video / audio

Слайд 11

Mobile Device Lineup Recruiting apps Construction apps QA / QC Safety apps Various field apps Smart phones…Laptops…Netbooks…Tablets / iPads

Слайд 12

Social Media / Mobile Technology The future is now. The future is mobile.

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