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Слайд 1

USA Michigan

Слайд 2

State is situated in the Midwestern of the US. Date of formation of Michigan - January 26, 1837 Michigan USA on the map

Слайд 3

The capital of Michigan – Lansing The largest city - Detroit, other cities - Grand Rapids, Warren, Flint, Sterling Heights, Ann Arbor, Wayne. panorama Lansing

Слайд 4

The nickname of Michigan: "State of the Great Lakes," "Wolverine State" Flag of Michigan The symbol of the State-wolverine

Слайд 5

The name comes from the Michigan native language United States - American Indians. In their language the word "mishigama" means "big water" or "large lake". Hence the name of Michigan State - "State of the Great Lakes." Coast of Lake Superior in northern Michigan

Слайд 6

Symbols of Michigan: Tree of Michigan -Pinus strobus Flower of Michigan - the flowers of apple

Слайд 7

Bird of Michigan-Turdus migratorius Beast of Michigan - Wolverine and white-tailed deer Fish of Michigan -Salvelinus fontinalis

Слайд 8

Geographical location of the State Michigan is surrounded by four of the five Great Lakes In the north and east of Michigan is bordered by the waters of Lakes Superior and Huron Lake Huron and unusual island on it

Слайд 9

In the west - is bordered by the waters of Lake Michigan On the territory of Michigan has more than 11,000 inland lakes, which greatly influences the climate of the state. Sunset on Lake Michigan

Слайд 10

In the center stands Detroit Renaissance Center - seven huge round glass towers on the banks of the Detroit River - surrounded by the lively and historic areas. Renaissance Center Things to Do in Michigan

Слайд 11

A few miles north of downtown Cultural Center is located, the world-famous galleries and museums - a collection of the Detroit Institute of Arts Cultural Center General Motors

Слайд 12

Greenfield Village, five-kilometer waterfront park (38-hectare park with many historic buildings, vehicles, and several museums), as well as dozens of other cultural and sports facilities. cyclists on the streets of Greenfield Village

Слайд 13

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