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Презентація на тему:
Mass Media in modern Ukraine

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Mass Media in modern Ukraine

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Слайд 1

Mass Media in Ukraine

Слайд 2

The Aims and Expected Results: By the end of the lesson you should be able: to read and understand the gist and details of the text; to identify the main ideas and details of the text when reading; to conduct a dialogue with another pupil taking an interview; to activate your background knowledge of the topic.

Слайд 3

Work in pairs Questions: Do you usually watch and listen to the news every day? Where do you get your news – from radio and TV, newspapers, magazines or the Internet? What was the last news yesterday?

Слайд 4

Match the following English words with their Ukrainian equivalents. mass media a) скарги periodicals b) неупередженість free distribution c) незалежний advertising d) втручання в особисте життя ethnic minorities e) засоби масової інформації libel f) періодичні видання censorship g) запобігання independent h) безкоштовне розповсюдження complaints i) реклама intrusion into privacy j) цензура impartiality k) наклеп prevention l) етнічні меншості

Слайд 5

Game “Microphone” Questions: Can you name three most popular and respectable newspapers in Ukraine? Where do you and your family get news from: radio, TV, newspapers, magazines, Internet? If you were offered a choice to read a book, a magazine or a newspaper, which would you prefer? What kind of mass media does your friend like to use for getting the information? Do the members of your family read tabloids or quality papers? Why?

Слайд 6

New Vocabulary: periodicals – періодичні видання to appear – виявлятися, видаватися to bear responsibility – нести відповідальність thoroughly – докладно a trade – заняття to deliver – доставляти, розносити to accept – приймати

Слайд 7

Reading *Information you know - Information that contradicts your ideas + New information ? Information you are interested

Слайд 8

Ukrainian Press National newspapers - Popular newspapers - Special-interest newspapers - Local newspapers - Popular magazines -

Слайд 9

Read and find out: the names of the main national newspapers; the names of popular magazines; the names of popular newspapers; the number of periodicals in Ukraine.

Слайд 10

Learning Strategies: Reading Newspapers and Talking News The newspaper carries an article on / about… The article presents the general picture of… The author (reporter) provides the detailed analysis of… The author describes different problems connected with… The author draws our attention to / shows / tells us about… In the opening Lines of the article the author tells that… The article deals with… The aim of the article is to discuss / to show / to comment on… The keynote of the article is… We can draw the conclusion that… This article helps me to understand / gives me useful information about… This article made me think about…

Слайд 11

Crossword "Mass Media"

Слайд 12

Crossword "Mass Media"

Слайд 13

Слайд 14

Homework Вправа 7 (стор. 26). Описати події газетної статті. Your task is to find and to read one article from our local newspaper "Visti Barvinkivshchyny". Write about the events it describes. You can use the learning strategies on page 24 as a plan.

Слайд 15

Summarizing Did you enjoy our lesson today? What new things about the mass media have you learned? Have you changed your mind about the place of the mass media in our life? Do you think the mass media influence your life? In what ways?

Слайд 16

Thank you for the lesson very much! Good-bye! Enjoy your break!

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