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Livermore Half Marathon

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Livermore Half Marathon

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Livermore Half Marathon is a marathon that occurs twice a year in Livermore, California.

Слайд 3

Livermore is famous for different sorts of grape and produced of it wine. So, the whole process from the very beginning till the leaving is somehow connected with wine.

Слайд 4

People can have a chance to join this kind of marathon if they are more than 12 and have enough money to pay for it. The registration costs $120.

Слайд 5

Another very important case it the competitor’s ability to run. As the marathon is held at the public roads, and there is a special time limit. It’s 14min/mile.

Слайд 6

The settlement at the hotel(mostly on Friday) The Half Marathon itself 8:00am - Half Marathon Start 9:00am - RunLiv Finish Festival Begins 9:15am - Band 1, Main Stage 11:00am - Band 2, Main Stage 12:30pm - First Street Music & Wine Tour 3. Wine Down Events TBD As a rule, the whole Marathon process consists of 3 rounds:

Слайд 7

There are about 15 organizations, providing all sorts of wine. They all, choosing their best beeswing, gather to present their products to the society. The first glass is to be drank by the winner.

Слайд 8

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