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Презентація на тему:
Let’s visit Scotland

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Let’s visit Scotland

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Слайд 1

Let’s visit Scotland Lesson for 6 form pupils English teacher G. N. Gavrilevich

Слайд 2

Scotland Languages : English, Gaelic, Scots Capital : Edinburgh Largest city : Glasgow Area : 78,782 km² Population (2001) : 5 062 000 Density : 64/km² Currency :Pound sterling (£) National anthem : Flower of Scotland National flower :Thistle.

Слайд 3

Scotland the beautiful He who has not seen Scotland does not really know Great Britain

Слайд 4

The Flag of Scotland, the Saltire or St. Andrew's Cross and is the oldest national flag still in use. Flag of Scotland The Royal Coat of Arms of Scotland

Слайд 5

Let’s revise the words Highlands prosperous Lowlands picturesque Edinburgh thistle Athens of the North castle Celtic ancient

Слайд 6

This is Scotland

Слайд 7

Streets of Scotland

Слайд 8

Match the proper names with their definitions 1.Holyrood House 2.R Burns 3.The Thistle 4.St. Andrew 6. Glasgow 7.St. Andrew’s Cross is the largest port is the national flag is one of the Queen’s residence is the national emblem of Scotland is the greatest Scottish poet is the Patron Saint of Scotland

Слайд 9

Lochs of Scotland Scotland is also noted for its lochs Much of the west coast of the country is intersected by Sea Lochs, the longest of which is Loch Fyne, and the largest is Loch Lomond. Notable fresh-water lochs include Loch Ness.

Слайд 10

Scotland is well known for its mountainous and beautiful scenery. Grampian mountains attract many tourists all over the world. They are very beautiful  with their clean lakes and high hills. Lowlands look very picturesque in all seasons of the year, especially in autumn. Highlands are situated to the North of Edinburgh and Glasgow. These mountains are with few trees, many sheep, wild deer and golden eagles. Mountains

Слайд 11

Robert Burns Robert Burns, the greatest Scottish poet, was born in 1759, on 25 January in Alloway, Scotland. That day Scottish people celebrate Burn’s night. They wear kilts and play bagpipes. Robert Burns wrote wonderful poems and songs. His most famous poem is “ My Heart’s in the Highlands”.

Слайд 12

Highlands and Islands To the north of Edinburgh and Glasgow are the Highlands of Scotland: mountains with few trees, wild deer and many sheep. It’s one of the most picturesque places in the world. The Highlanders, the people of the area – are very devoted to their country with its striking beauty, though it is not so prosperous as other places in Britain. Most of these people are farmers and fishermen. Scotland does a lot of fish trading. On the small islands to the north and west of Scotland there are fishing and farming villages. The houses in the villages look modest but they have to be strong enough to keep people warm in winter when cold winds blow from the sea. Some of the people still speak Gaelic, the ancient Celtic language of Scotland. 

Слайд 13

Give the English for: 1. самое живописное место в мире; 2. жители Высокогорья; 3. процветающий; 4. торговля рыбой; 5. скромное жилище; 6. кельтский язык.

Слайд 14

Complete the sentences 1. To the north of Edinburgh … 2. It’s one of … 3. The Highlanders are … 4. Most of these people are … 5. Scotland does… 6. The houses … 7. Some of the people still…  

Слайд 15

Scotland Quiz What is the kilt? What is the emblem of Scotland? What street lies between the Old Town and New Town? What is the Castle used to be? What river is Glasgow on? In what part of the city is the monument to the dog Bobby situated? Who lives in the Holyrood palace sometimes? What is Edinburgh sometimes called? What is the national music instrument? What city is called “the heart of industry”?

Слайд 16

Correct the mistakes 1. Let us to watch TV. 2. Mary was made play the piano. 3. She was expected come in time. 4.I was allowed go to the party. 5. Mother want me help her. 6.They was made clean the hall. 7.Mary expected him come back.

Слайд 17

Why travel to Scotland? To practice speaking English To see Edinburgh Castle To visit new places To go to the Scottish festival To meet people To buy souvenirs To walk To learn about the history of Scotland To try kilt on

Слайд 18

My Bonnie lies over the ocean My Bonnie lies over the ocean, My Bonnie lies over the sea, My Bonnie lies over the ocean, Oh, bring back my Bonnie to me. Chorus: Bring back, bring back- Bring back my Bonnie to me, to me Bring back, bring back Oh, bring back my Bonnie to me.

Слайд 19

The Scottish ABC A-Aberdeen, Athens of the North B- Bagpipe, Burns C- Caledonia, Cheviot Hills D- Doyle E- Edinburgh F- Flag of Scotland, Floral Clock G- Glasgow, Gaelic, Golf, Grampians H- Hebrides, Highlands, Haggis I- Ivanhoe J- James I

Слайд 20

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