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Kite skiing

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Kite skiing

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History and Records Kite skiing is a relatively recent development of skiing where the pull comes from a kite. It can be done on water, snow, land or ice. Kite skiing on snow has little in common with downhill skiing which is very popular in the Alps and on mountains around the world. It shares a greater similarity with cross-country skiing but the driving force coming from the kite rather than stocks or gravity. The technique was successfully used on the return leg of Amundsen's South Pole expedition in 1911-12 Kite skiing on water can be done with different kind of skis, therefore it may be compared with water skiing or with wake-boarding. Kite- skiing on land uses specialized grass skis or sand skis. On 5 June 2010 Canadian Eric McNair-Landry and American/French Sebastian Copeland kite skied 595 km in 24 hours, a distance world record.

Слайд 3

Equipment A traction kite, lines and associated control device.  If you want to go fast, select a pair of long, stiff down hill skis around as long as you can reach with your arm fully extended. A pair of downhill ski boots. A kite-surfing or wind-surfing harness (waist or seat harness is fine). A helmet (a must on ice or hard pack as you don't want to test the "rigidity" of your skull when it hits the ice). Warm clothing.  You normally need less warm clothing kite-skiing than skiing. 

Слайд 4

Location Lakes and Mountains are the best places to do kite-skiing and snow-kiting

Слайд 5

Kite -skiing is the best sport for people, who like extreme and winter. Children, who stay on skis, also can begin kite- skiing.

Слайд 6

Remi Meum Nationality: Norway Date of Birth: 17 February 1985 Lives: Norway Started Kiting: 2000 Competes: Snowkite World Tour

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