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Слайд 1

WISHES AND REGRETS Wanting to change the present PRESENT SITUATIONS Days are so short in winter I wish days were longer She’s sorry she never wins a match She wishes she won a single match He works very little I wish he worked harder Regretting the past PAST SITUATION Very few people came to my party I wish more people had come John failed his driving test Tom wishes he had passed his driving test I got ill after eating lobster I wish I hadn’t eaten lobster

Слайд 2

WISHES AND REGRETS Don’t touch my CDs, will you? I wish you didn’t touch my CDs She’s sad because she lives alone. She wishes she didn’t live alone What a pity I can’t speak English! I wish I could speak English I read less than I’d like. I wish I read more

Слайд 3

WISHES AND REGRETS He’d like to give up smoking but he can. He wishes he could give up smoking. I get up very early. I hate it. I wish I didn’t get up very early Why do you spend money on stupid things? I wish you didn’t spend money on stupid things I’d like to have a better car. I wish I had a better car I don’t like living in a big city. I wished I lived in a small city We don’t see each other very often. I wish we could see each other more often

Слайд 4

WISHES AND REGRETS I lent John my tennis racket and he broke it I wish I hadn’t lent it to him. I got sunburnt because I didn’t use sun cream I wish I had used sun cream Mary’s wedding was a disaster because it rained torrentially She wished it hadn’t rained The plane was delayed because there was a strike at the airport I wished there hadn’t been a strike

Слайд 5

WISHES AND REGRETS She drank too much at the party. She wishes she hadn’t drunk too much at the party She had her hair cut really short. She wishes she hadn’t had her hair cut really short. I did what they told me to. I wish I hadn’t done what they told me to. She never locked her car and it was robbed She wishes she had locked her car.

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