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Hippie - the international youth movement emerged in 1965 in San Francisco, one of the most striking manifestations of the counterculture, had a pacifist overtones, was a major influence on art, especially rock music associated with it concepts such as the sexual revolution, psychedelic revolution . Its members called themselves "Generation of flowers, children, flowers, Love Generation»

Слайд 3

"Labe" - a symbol of peace. Logo of nuclear disarmament, which is used for anti-war demonstrations

Слайд 4

Hippie in Ukraine The largest in Ukraine was hip hangouts in Lviv. The first group of disparate young hippis  were combined in 1968-1970 Vyacheslav "hinge" Yeresko.

Слайд 5

Among hippie's one of Lviv hangouts in 1976 there was the first on the territory of the USSR Igor biker group "brush" Ventsslavskoho. From it came the writers and poets Voldmur Jaworski, V. Slavnykova "Zvёzdnыy" artists Elena Burdash "Dem" Orestes Makoto.

Слайд 6

In 1987 in Ukraine there is a manifesto "The ideology of the Soviet hippies. 1967-1987 "Alec Olisevycha, which clearly emphasized the need for civil actions. September 20, 1987 a group of Alec Olisevycha held in Lviv in the USSR the first demonstration by political slogans and in October 1987 has become a pacifist, then advocacy group Trust (1987-1990).

Слайд 7

Music hippie Grateful Dead Jefferson Airplaine Quicksilver Messenger Service Jimi Hendryks Janis Joplin The Beatles John Lennon The Doors Jim Morrison Scott McKenzie 

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