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Слайд 1


Слайд 2

Objectives: Making travel plans Talking about travel destinations Planning an itinerary Getting around the airport Checking into / out of a hotel Describing a flight / hotel / service

Слайд 3

VOCABULARY cruise ski resort health resort theme park national park historical site itinerary to check in (for a flight) carry-on bag

Слайд 4

window seat aisle seat boarding pass Immigration Customs purpose to declare declaration form to make a reservation single room

Слайд 5

double room guest check in check out quiet relaxing (un)comfortable noisy bumpy spacious elegant

Слайд 6

sunny immaculate cramped run-down dark dirty (in)attentive (un)helpful courteous rude

Слайд 7

DISCUSSION - Have you taken a trip recently? - Where? - Did you stay at a hotel? Where was the hotel located? - Would you go back there again?

Слайд 8

PAIRS In pairs, ask your partner: Have you ever been (PRESENT PERFECT) to: France Germany England Canada/USA (when, what did your see....(PAST SIMPLE)

Слайд 9

ITINERARY Flight AF 347 dep 9:00, arr 10:20 Meeting at 2 pm Would like to do some shopping and sightseeing Dep the following day at 6 pm. MAKE AN ITINENARY WITH THIS INFORMATION.

Слайд 10

CUSTOMS/IMMIGRATION What was the purpose of your last trip? Did you declare anything at customs? What information do you have to write on declaration form?

Слайд 11

Put this in order: Passport, please! Where will you be staying? Do you have a receipt for this? What’s the purpose of your visit? Are these your bags? Your declaration form, please! How long will you be staying? Do you have anything to declare? Role play customs agent-passenger

Слайд 12

At the hotel Role A: You are a hotel guest and would like to check out. Your plane is leaving in less than three hours, and the airport is hour from the hotel. You must check in at the airport one hour before the flight. Tell the clerk you would like to check out. (You were in Room 230. You were quoted a corporate room rate of $130 a night. You did not use the phone, Internet connection, or mini-bar.) Role B: You are the front desk clerk. The guest from Room 213 called five minutes ago and would like to check out. His bill is ready. The room rate is $150 a night. The guest stayed two nights. There are phone charges for $100, a mini-bar charge for $15, and an Internet charge for $5. Here he comes now.

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