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Хелоувін (Halloween)

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Хелоувін (Halloween)

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The History of Halloween The story of this funny holiday dates back to ancient times. Two or three thousand years ago in Great Britain and Ireland there were people called Celts. For the Celts, New Year began on November 1.

Слайд 4

Halloween In time, November 1 became a Christian festival known as All Saints Day or All Hallows. The night before was called Eve of All Hallows and it became to be called Halloween.

Слайд 5

Halloween When English and Irish settlers immigrated to the USA, Halloween traditions came with them. So, on the 31st of October, dozens of children dressed in costumes of pirates, ghosts, popular heroes of the day, knock on their neighbors' doors and say, «Trick or Treat» when the door opens.

Слайд 6

Trick or treat

Слайд 7

Halloween song Ha-ha-ha-ha Hallowe'en Sing ha-ha Hallowe'en It's October thirty-one Time of year to have some fun!   Ha-ha-ha-ha Hallowe'en Sing ha-ha Hallowe'en I'm a vampire, you're a ghost It's a time I love the most Wear a hat, wear a white sheet Knock at door, play trick-or-treat   Cut the pumpkin, put a light in No evil spirits come tonight Ha-ha-ha-ha Hallowe'en We've got chocolate, sweets and cake, November one I've got toothache!  Ha-ha-ha-ha Hallowe'en Ha-ha-ha-ha Hallowe'en Sing ha-ha Hallowe'en!

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