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Слайд 1

Graffiti Nosova Natalya

Слайд 2

Graffiti has existed since people learned how to scratch symbols in rocks. Graffiti is any image, symbol or letters made on public property. Nosova Natalya

Слайд 3

While some people still make scratches in rocks, concrete or buildings, most graffiti is now made with spray paint or markers. Nosova Natalya

Слайд 4

Is graffiti vandalism? Some graffiti is ugly. Some graffiti, called tagging, is just the name or initials of a person. Nosova Natalya

Слайд 5

It is often unreadable. The only purpose of tagging seems to be to quickly spray your initials on as many different surfaces as possible. Nobody likes tags except the taggers. Nosova Natalya

Слайд 6

Is graffiti art? Some graffiti is artistic and takes time, skill and talent to create. It can be nice to look at. Nosova Natalya

Слайд 7

The purpose of some graffiti is to spread social messages or political messages. Some cities have places where walls or other surfaces can be used by people to create pieces of graffiti art. Nosova Natalya

Слайд 8

Listen to the text and mark the statements ≪True≫ (T) or ≪False≫ (F). 1. Graffiti is new. 2. Graffiti can look nice. 3. Tagging is done quickly. Nosova Natalya

Слайд 9

Fill in the Blanks: 4. Graffiti has existed since people learned how to ______________ symbols in rock. 5. Sometimes graffiti has social or political _____. 6. Some graffiti is _____________ and has taken some skill and talent to create. 7. ___________ paint is often used to create graffiti. 8. Some graffiti looks nice but other graffiti is __________________. 9. Taggers like making __________ but most people don't like them. 10. If you tag something, you probably paint or write your _____________ on it. Nosova Natalya

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