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flag of France

Слайд 3

France - one of the largest European countries, it is located in the western part of the European continent. Territory of France - 552 sq km France outlines resemble a regular pentagon with sides of approximately 600 km each. More than half of the perimeter of the maritime boundaries are washed by the North Sea, the English Channel, the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea.

Слайд 4

In France, a huge amount of cultural property, almost every city, and sometimes small villages are real museums of history and culture. France - a country of ancient castles, cathedrals, palaces, museums, theaters, ski resorts in the Alps, the beautiful beaches of the Atlantic and Mediterranean coasts and extensive vineyards.

Слайд 5

PARIS Paris - capital of France from the tenth century. n. e.

Слайд 6

ROCK MASS Mountains, occupying more than half of the country, bordered by the French territory in the east and south. This, above all, the Alps (highest point - Mount Blanc, 4807 m), which separates the country from Italy and Switzerland, and the Pyrenees (in France, the highest peak - Posets peak, 2371 m). On the border with Switzerland, located below the ridges - Jura (to 1718 m) to the north, along the border with Germany, Luxembourg and Belgium - Vosges (to 1423 m) and low Ardennes (to 694 m). Only mountains in the interior of France - a vast array of central (up to 1886 m), badly damaged in a million years. Mountains would long ago have become a low plateau, if not now cones of extinct volcanoes.

Слайд 7

CHAMONIX French Alps - the highest mountain in Western Europe, the world's largest winter sports center. The popular resort - Chamonix and Courchevel, Val d'Isere and Tignes to Val Thorens, Les Deux Alpes, La Plyan, Megeve, Meribel, etc.? Chamonix - the oldest winter resort in the world, located at the foot of Mont Blanc.

Слайд 8

RIVER River Seine, crossing the country's capital, the Loire, famous castles on its banks; Garonne, whose waters irrigate the famous Bordeaux vineyards and the Rhine, the border with Germany (in the picture the River Seine in Paris.)

Слайд 9

Fauna France strongly depleted under the influence of human activities. Nevertheless, there is wildlife better preserved than in neighboring countries. Common fox, badger, otter, from rodents - squirrels, rats and mice. Partly preserved hares and of ungulates found red deer, roe deer, wild boar and beaver. In the south of the country live flamingos. A lot of insects, especially butterflies varied (eg night peacock with a wingspan of up to 15 cm). Fish resources of France severely depleted. Most of the catch in the rivers and lakes of trout, which are bred artificially.

Слайд 10

DISNEYLAND Eurodisneyland is 32 km from Paris in the town of Marne-la-Vallee and attracts the most visitors. It is the largest in Europe (1943 hectares) park. Here daily with hundreds of attractions, parades and shows, a real ply train, swim pirate frigates and ship the days of Mark Twain, smoked geysers and "explode" volcanoes, open the treasure cave, tunnels and suspension bridges, as well as "live" set of wild animals and fairy tale characters, from Snow White and Quasimodo to the heroes of Indiana Jones and the "Star Wars" Lucas.

Слайд 11

AVIGNON Avignon. Papal palace on the banks of the Rhone. Place of captivity of the Popes in the 14th century.

Слайд 12

Reims One of the main tourist centers of the country - Reims, located in north-eastern France. This is one of the first centers of Christianity in the country (at the beginning of V century. First cathedral built here) and place of birth of the Kingdom of France. It was here in 496 AD. e. first Frankish king Clovis to Christianity, and since then it has been anointed to the throne twenty-five kings of France. Here is also "the main cathedral of France" - The Cathedral of Our Lady of Reims (1210-1275. Repeatedly rebuilt in XIV-XV centuries.) Longer than 138 m

Слайд 13

LILLE Lille. Place Charles de Gaulle.

Слайд 14

STRASBOURG Strasbourg, the "capital of the united Europe", located on the border with Germany. The city absorbed the impact of its appearance the French and German cultures, acquiring its strong identity. The historic center of Strasbourg is located on the island (taken under the auspices of UNESCO in 1988), formed by the River Ill and channels. The monumental Gothic cathedral of Notre Dame - the highest church in Europe (altitude 142 m). Orangerie Park stands a new symbol of the city - a complex of buildings of the Council of Europe, the European Court of Human Rights, and the Palace of Europe, covering an area of 220 thousand square meters.

Слайд 15

LYON Lyon. Town Hall 17.

Слайд 16

MARSEILLE Marseille. Large port city on the Mediterranean coast of France

Слайд 17

Loire Castles Castle of Chambord, the largest castle Loire. Construction was carried out in 1526-1544 by order of King Francis I. In the castle of 440 rooms, 365 fireplaces, 63 staircases.

Слайд 18

Brittany Cape Pa (Brittany), jutting out into the deep waters of the Atlantic Ocean, the westernmost point of the country.

Слайд 19

NORMANDY Normandy is famous for its beautiful coasts harsh, shady forests and luxury resorts - Deauville, Dieppe, Le Tuck, Cabourg, etc. There are hundreds of fields, golf, casinos, night clubs, race tracks and other sports facilities, and moored off the coast of the whole flotilla of yachts - is one of the most popular yachting centers of Europe.

Слайд 20

Chartres To the south-west of Paris lies the famous Chartres, famous for its cathedral of Notre Dame ("Chartres Cathedral", XII c.), The walls and towers that adorn many "Gargoyles" - fantastic creatures and demons, though descended from Durer engravings. Cathedral of Our Lady of Chartres was built on the site of an ancient sanctuary of druids. Construction began in the 11th century., The church was consecrated in 1260.

Слайд 21

NICE Nice - "capital" of the Riviera, nestled on the shore of the bay Baie des Angez ("Bay of Angels"), surrounded by the foothills of the Maritime Alps.

Слайд 22

Corsica Corsica is a French detunings in the Mediterranean with an extraordinary landscape. It's wild rivers with colored pebbles, beautiful beaches, quiet coves and granite rocks bay of Porto, underwater caves, "moonscape" desert Agriaty, walnut groves Kastanichcha ridge, green mountain valley Guizzani oak, bay Bonifacio with steep coastal cliffs white, clear mountain lakes Agriat, Melo, Gloria, Nina and Capitelli, mountain Monte Cynthia (2710 m) and 20 mountain peaks in excess of two thousand meters, soft muscat wine and the church of pink and green marble.

Слайд 23

Winemaking More than one-third of the wines produced in the EU are made in France, which is Europe's largest supplier of wine. Wines are different from ordinary table, produced mainly in the Languedoc in the south of France, to the more high-grade products vineyards of Bordeaux, Burgundy, Reims (where they make champagne), the Rhone Valley, and Alsace.

Слайд 24

CHEESE France is also famous as a manufacturer of many types of cheese.

Слайд 25

FOOD Left - French baguettes.

Слайд 26

These foods and dishes are also considered to be representative of France. From left to right along the rows - oysters, mussels, oysters, white truffle, mussels, wine glasses, frog legs (2 meals).

Слайд 27

French breakfast French breakfast consists of coffee, tea or hot chocolate and a croissant or bread with butter and jam. Any meal in France - an art and even the breakfast is a valuable aspect of the day, especially during the holidays.

Слайд 28

PERFUMES AND COSMETICS French cosmetics and perfume everywhere recognized and appreciated around the world.

Слайд 29

HIGH FASHION French names Chanel, Dior, Yves Saint Laurent was associated with a pivotal era in the history of the costume - the era of high fashion (Haute Couture), where fashion design is raised to an art form and acquires many legends.

Слайд 30

CARS France is the fourth in the world and second in Europe (after Germany) car manufacturer. The main producers are the company "Renault" and "Peugeot" (which includes "Citroen").

Слайд 31

WEAPONS France - one of the largest manufacturers of weapons: aircraft, missiles, warships, armored vehicles and electronics.

Слайд 32

FOOTBALL The French love football. National team of France was the world champion in 1998, European champion in 2000.

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