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Any film needs a script. The script can be written by yourself or you can buy it. The second is preferable. All good writers are always listed in any writers’ guild. What does a film start from? Naturally from a good idea and a clear imagination of his creator. A person working with the scripts, can write them days and nights waiting its inspiration.

Слайд 3

A producer is a person who will do all the work of recruiting personnel: a script supervisor, supporting actors, “crowd”, operators, director ‘s assistant ,a choice of shooting location, a head of the production ,budget, plan, the designer and etc.

Слайд 4

The first choice to be made by a director is to decide to shoot or not to shoot. Mainly a failure or a success of a film depends on a director. The truth is that nobody knows the magic formula for success. Some directors shoot first-rate films, others - no.

Слайд 5

It's time for casting. It’s the matter of the director ‘s assistant.

Слайд 6

Creation of scenery, rehearsals, parties ... Yes, shooting starts! This is a direct process of filming. It can last from several months to several years, it all depends on the complexity of the plot.

Слайд 7

The editing.... Specially trained people will adjust frame to frame long and hard to get maximum results. It’s also better to invite a couple of competent spectators - they had better to see what should be reshot or cut.

Слайд 8

The distribution The shooting must somehow recoup. Try to participate in festivals, run an advertising campaign.

Слайд 9

The film is like a box in front of your eyes, there was a great job over it. And a lot of people took part in the process of its creation. In this box is the object, ready for use and viewing, but most important is the fact that the idea of this object and the box in the whole was in the hands of a man, a really talented man who made art from a simple enough entertainment, which stands close to the literature, theater, music, painting.

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